Messy Life and Watermelon

Messy Life and Watermelon

Juicy red yumminess. I couldn’t wait to eat it for dinner that night. Caleb insisted on carrying the big watermelon in. He walked slowly into the house. And then the mess happened.

Dropped Watermelon

Caleb dropped the watermelon. It cracked on one side and juice started oozing out. What a mess! Tears filled Caleb’s eyes and he said: “I’m sorry Mom.” In that moment, I had a choice of how I would respond to Caleb. Would I yell and scream because there was a big mess or would I respond differently?


I’ll be totally honest in that moment, I wanted to yell. I was frustrated and I didn’t want to clean up the sticky mess. I felt partly responsible because I was the one who let Caleb carry it. Thankfully, I listened to the Holy Spirit as He whispered to my heart to calm down. The frustration melted away as I started to clean up the mess. Caleb helped me and it ended up being a sweet time cleaning up the messy watermelon.

Together Time

After the floor was all cleaned up, I decided to just cut into the watermelon. It was cracked anyway so why not enjoy it? Caleb and I enjoyed our talk time and connecting while eating watermelon. It was fun to just be with Caleb. I know it spoke into his life that I would take time to be with him. To think I would have missed all this by reacting to the mess.


A dropped watermelon is messy. But that day it turned out to be a blessing. I had the opportunity to react in a way that built Caleb up. We also had a really special time connecting while eating yummy watermelon.

What messes in your life have turned out to be a big blessing? How can you see God at work in your struggle today? Please share in the comments below.

Messy Life and Watermelon

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